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Our Services Include:
*Real Estate Home                     

*Pool and Spa Evaluations

*Foreclosure Inspections

* Termite Treatments

* Wood-Destroying Insect         
    Infestation Reports        
* Honey Removals
* Bed Bugs
* Pigeons
* Fleas & Ticks
* Ants
* Crickets
* Spiders
* Roaches
* Scorpions
* Home Seals
* Pigeon Exclusions
* Rodents
* Bees
* Wasps

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to not only provide our customers with
a pest and termite free environment, but to also bring
back quality service and the very best in customer
service to a industry that has been lacking this for
many, many years.  We want our customers to know
that we are a company that has integrity and that we
truly care about our customers wants and needs.  We
vow to see to your homes pest problems as if they
were our own!  Our promise is that we will do what is
necessary; not just come in and apply chemicals as
other companies might do: we promise to do a
thorough inspection of your property and locate the
source of the problem enabling us to better eliminate
these pests.  Whether we do this using chemicals,
mechanical devices , or just educating our customers
of what should be done around their home or business.
We at Trojan Pest Control want to protect one of your
biggest investments from all invaders, YOUR HOME

Now Offering
K-9 Bed Bug Detection
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